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05:21 mins


Updated on Jan 09, 2024

How to Select All Profiles on a Page Using the Select All Checkbox

In this video, we will learn how to select all profiles on a page using the Select All checkbox. This feature will be useful when sending an email campaign to a set of candidates who have been shortlisted.

Step 1: Enter Basic Details

  1. Enter the designation for the role you are targeting, such as "Product Manager".
  2. Choose the experience range, for example, "3 to 7 years".
  3. Select the job location, like "Bengaluru".
  4. Optionally, pick a salary range.
  5. Assign a preferred campaign name.

Step 2: Save Profiles

Before moving forward, you can either save these profiles in a new folder or add them to an existing one.

Step 3: Customize Email Message

  1. Enter your customized message in the Email Compose panel.
  2. Use placeholders to personalize the email, such as the candidate's name, location, industry, role, key skills, and education.
  3. Optionally, leverage the power of Generative AI to create customized messages by clicking on "Generate by AI".
  4. Rephrase or use the gear icon to set the tone and length of the email using Generative AI.

Step 4: Add Follow-Up Messages

  1. Choose to add follow-up messages which will be sent if there is no response from the candidate.
  2. Specify the intervals in which the follow-up emails should be sent.
  3. Utilize Generative AI or enter your own text for the follow-up messages.

Step 5: Use Preset Templates (Optional)

If desired, you can quickly create campaigns using preset templates for various job roles.

Step 6: Enhance Company Branding

Within the company profile section, upload a logo or a cover image to represent your brand identity.

Step 7: Choose Preferred Domain

Select your preferred domain for this service, either your existing business domain or the founded option.

Step 8: Provide Reply Email Address

Enter the email address where you wish to receive replies from candidates.

Step 9: Preview and Customize

  1. Click the Preview button to see a preview of the email template and the chosen response type.
  2. Include a signature and select the response type, either "Apply" or "Both".
  3. Save as a draft if you want to continue working later.

Step 10: Start the Campaign

When you are ready, click on Start Campaign to schedule and send out the campaigns periodically.