Job Posting Management System

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Updated on Jul 22, 2024

Job Posting Management System - JPMS

Struggling to define niche roles or post job requirements without fully understanding the candidate profile?

Meet our AI-powered job posting management system - JPMS, a revolutionary way to post jobs and find top talent.

With foundit's advanced Job Posting Management System, all you need to do is input basic details like job title, experience, and salary range, and then leave it to our cutting-edge technology to help you hire the perfect candidate using our AI-recommended resumes, AI-generated job descriptions and advanced Outreach function. 

How JPMS Works:

  1. Sign in to foundit's Advanced JPMS.

  2. Click on Job Posting from the header navigation and select Post a Job from the drop-down menu.

  3. Choose job type (Permanent, Contract, or Walk-in) and decide whether to post immediately or schedule for later.

  4. Select an existing folder or create a new one to save the job.

  5. Add an expiry date for the job.

  6. Utilize the Show Recommended Resumes feature to get potential candidates matching your job attributes.

    Clicking on this filter will instantly provide you with 50 to 500 resumes that match your job posting attributes, all within 10 minutes of posting the job. This feature effectively solves the critical Day 0 sourcing problem, ensuring you have potential candidates right from the start. 

  7. Opt to receive job applications via email.

  8. Provide job title, experience range, and other details.

  9. Generate Skills and Job Description by AI if needed.

  10. Highlight perks, benefits, work mode, DEI considerations, and more.

  11. Add a questionnaire to the job posting if desired.

  12. Review and post the job.

Managing Job Postings:

  1. After posting a job, you will be redirected to a success page.

  2. Manage the post directly from the success page or click on Manage Jobs from Job Posting in the header navigation.

  3. Search for jobs by title, ID, or folder name.

  4. Use filters to narrow down jobs by date range or type.

  5. You can see options to edit, copy, download applications, share, renew, or expire jobs.

  6. Multi-select jobs for bulk actions like renewing or expiring.

  7. Click on a specific job to manage it at the folder level.

Our job posting management system simplifies the hiring process, saves time, and ensures you find the best talent efficiently. Happy recruiting!